I ordered a blanket from Chris on 6/20/14. On 7/25/14 I got a notification that it had shipped.

When I tried to track the package, USPS said that it was never shipped, only a label had been created. When I contacted Chris about this last Thursday, she said it was totally her mistake and I would get it by the middle of this week. When I still hadn't received it by yesterday, I left a review on her Etsy shop stating my disappointment and her response was to cancel my order!! She called me heartless for posting honest feedback.

I have suspicions as to whether or not the blanket was ever even made, because if I was told to expect it this week but she canceled my order yesterday, I just doubt that there was ever really a blanket made to begin with. Do not order from her!

She is a scammer! I have sent complaints to Etsy as well.

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Don't worry--I've been a bigger *** than you. I ordered my blanket in April.

When I hadn't gotten it by June, she claimed it had been mailed. I saw there was a tracking link and clicked it and it said shipped to my address. I didn't think to really look at that. It did not say delivered.

Maybe she just generated a mailing label as you said. I figured it had been lost in the mail, paid for it AGAIN, and AGAIN I have not received it (September 11).

When I posted on the Etsy forum, my post was taken down because I put the name of the shop in it! Meanwhile, though, members had sympathized and directed me to google the vendor (how I found your post).

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #967199

She's such a crook! I'm sorry that you and so many others have had similar experiences.

But at least we know better now. I always research Etsy shops now!!

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