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Update by user Jan 02, 2014

Money was refunded and the blanket was returned. Problem was resolved 12/27/2013.

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2013

BUYERS BEWARE OF THE ETSY SHOP MY WOOBY AND ME UPDATE AS OF 12/28/2013...So after I placed my review her response was I am a scammer but I have a pic of the return receipt with the tracking # in photobucket lol Anyway see pics of her review, our last messages and the return receipt. Idc what she thinks I did the right thing and got my refund.


UPDATED AS OF 12/26/2013 I

called PayPal to make a claim and they put the money on hold and she has 10 days to send it or I get a refund. It must have worked because look at the tracking information below. I can only ship it back if it is defective or not as described so we will see.

UPDATE AS OF 12/21/2013

She provided a tracking number for the blanket but other customers say she provides false tracking numbers or doesn't ship out the item for 2 or more weeks let's see what happens. I will keep you posted. Other customers say she takes another 2+wks to ship. 

UPDATE 12/21/2013 I tweeted about it and her response was LMAO! I don't know who you think you are hurting. You only have 3 followers.MYWOOBYANDME IS THE WORST ETSY SHOP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a blanket for my son from MyWoobyandMe on Nov 19th for $82.06. My payment went through O Nov 20. I have yet to receive the blanket. Need less to say I contacted the shop owner Chris and she was rude and snarky. She refuses to give me a refund and apparently will be shipping my blanket on Tuesday. Upon reading her reviews from other customers this is not the first time she has done this. She also has a tendency of creating shipping labels but not shipping anything for another two weeks. I just want my money back. I hope this will give her an incentive to give me my money back. I told her if my blanket was not going to be ready to refund me. She said she would minus the embroidery design and "custom" fabric. I requested she provide me with receipts for each and since I was paying for them to deduct shipping cost as well for these items and refund me what was left over. Upon request of the receipts for these items she tells me she will not refund me and she will be shipping the blanket on Monday Dec 23 or Tuesday Dec 24. Then today Dec 21 at 7:18am she creates a shipping label. How did she complete the blanket that fast when nothing was done the night before. I will be tracking the package as I do not trust the number due to prior reviews of false tracking #s. Wish me luck

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I placed an order for multiple items in January 2014. One item did not arrive.

Chris was apologetic and said she'd send the missing item out right away (the end of March). It's now May and I don't have my item which was paid for in January! I get no response from her. There doesn't seem to be a way that Etsy keeps sellers honest.

Just like the post above, the shipping label was supposedly made out and sent but the items I did get didn't arrive for several more weeks. The darn baby will have no need for the missing item by the time I get it -- if ever.

Do NOT do business with this seller. The items are beautiful and well made but there is no customer service -- plain & simple!

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